About Borregioso

Borregioso is your number one source for premium gifts and gorgeous home goods. I am focused on bringing you the most unique items by exploring traditions and timeless hand-crafted pieces that brings joy & charm to your home.

My name is Tricia Borrego, and my story is simple: Being a single working mom, a daughter, a sister and a friend, you can easily get caught up in the rat race of life. My happy place has always been to travel, shop and eat along the way!  I live in Southern Alabama where I enjoy coastal living and creating beautiful spaces.  I’m the gal that can shop all day and inspire you to buy items that you might not normally purchase. I’ve always had an eye for fashion and decor. I started traveling overseas during my teenage years, which lead to my undying love affair with France & Italy. It was there, chatting with shop owners that I began to appreciate collecting goods from places I loved to visit and bringing back timeless pieces for friends and family. 

What can you expect when you shop at Borregioso?  I look for family-owned businesses that have passed down their trade to younger generations. I have collaborated with articians who do not compromise on materials.  Items are beautifully wrapped and shipped within 24hrs of every purchase.  

I hope you find exactly what you are looking for at Borregioso! I’m always one trip away from what I love to do the most!

Always Create Memories, Not Things!

Celebrating Joie De Vivre / Joy of Living

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