Antique French Empire Basket Sconces


Empire Basket Sconces dates to the Napoleon era of grandeur. Empire style became Napoleon artistic expression of aspirations of uniting Europe, thus creating a state like the Roman Empire.
These antique sconces are authentic Empire style, 1910’s French, with hand beaded crystals prisms, accented with a bronze base, garland wreath of flowers & ribbons. I bought these at the Grande Le Braderie in Lille, France. I happen to walk up just as the dealer placed them on the table. I picked up one the same time another lady picked the other one up, the battle for the Empire began!
Gorgeous statement lighting, rich with French history, great condition, thrilled to be able to bring these pair of sconces to my customers.
Dimensions: – 19H X 11W
Electrical conversion is required for United States
Sold as a Pair
History Tidbit: – The Laurel Wreath is a universal symbol of triumph, victory & power. If you see a Bee surrounded by a Laurel Wreath, its signified Napoleon & for the Empress Josephine, a Swan.

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