French Cashmere Scarfs


If luxury could be felt it would be Cashmere and if there is one thing a French woman knows best, it’s wearing a scarf! Scarves are the staple of a European woman’s wardrobe, the perfect accessory of every outfit. I found these scarves in the Le Marais district of Paris. Made from the finest wool, Cashmere comes from the throat and underbelly of a goat spun into a luxurious rich fabric.

Cashmere scarves are worn all year round and are the perfect piece to have when you travel. Especially during warmer months when days are rainy, cooler nights or chilly restaurants. A very chic alternative to drape across your shoulders instead of a bulky sweater.

Cashmere is an investment. High quality cashmere will last a lifetime. The material gets softer over time and never goes out of style.
The minute you feel your scarf you will not regret your purchase!

Dimensions: 27W x 102L



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