Papa Corenti Table Pillars, Large


Straight from Papa Corenti Bakery, these beautiful pillars were set on counters to displays cakes, sweet breads, tartes and soufflés. Very old,  with darkened areas that came from baking in the ‘fire oven straight to the pillar’. Textured with beautiful carving designs, excellent condition, in colors of faded white, beige and mustard yellow.

Note: Only have the faded white in stock.

Papa Corenti is a generational French Baker with a large personality and a cartoon like moustache.  I spent a lovely afternoon eating fresh baked bread and twisting his arm in letting me buy his beautiful items that were not for sale. How lucky was I to come away with these old pieces still very much being used by a shop owner name Papa Corenti!

Product Information:
17.5 Length x 17.5 Width

2 in stock


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