Vintage Papa Corenti Cutting Boards


“Ne fais plus comme ca” shouted Papa Corenti, which means “No make like this anymore”. Papa made a smoochy sound as he kissed the board, then kissed his fingers and threw his hands in the air.

Papa Corenti, generational baker of bread, robust, grandfatherly, beefy hands, and the most amazing white moustache that I swear he must have used a curling iron and hair spray to keep its curl aside his cheeks (I couldn’t take my eyes off of it).  Again he said “No make like this anymore”….eh.. you want?  Not even hesitating, I replied, “I will take them all”. “Goooood” he kissed his fingers again and said “now we eat bread”, “come I take you to maman (moma)”. The rest of the afternoon was spent eating too much bread and also buying the beautiful wood carved table pillars (I’ve linked those down below).

These cutting boards are like Papa Corenti, “Ne fais pus comme ca”!
Dimensions: – 19.5″ Length x 12″ Width

4 in stock

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