Vintage Italian Olive Wood Bowl with Scooper


Olive Wood comes from large olive tree branches that creates wood pieces into beautiful works of art by molding, sanding, & hollowing. Olive Wood has natural durability, its strong, rich in color, polishes up to show beautiful wood grain and is very functionable in the kitchen.

This Olive Bowl originated from Southern Italy & was used to gather hazelnuts. I especially love the texture, rough on the outside, smooth like glass on the inside, elevated at the sides with a deep center.

The scooper could stand on its own. Extra bonus that makes this a beautiful item to use or display in your kitchen. Vintage that is useable. Perfect for serving olives, nuts, chunks of cheese or sun-dried tomatoes.

Dimensions-Bowel: – 9″ Width X 6″ Height
Dimensions-Scooper: – 11″ Length X 3.5 Width

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