“Oh No She Didn’t”, French Siphons, Seltzer Bottles


The workhorses of Seltzer bottles! These Siphons are around 175 years old, from France & Belgium. Glass is in great condition, spouts are intact & are very weathered. Little story…I found these under a table in a old wood crate (which is what caught my eye in the first place). Pulling out ten of these babies in a skirt was epic enough only to have some woman grab them before I could stand up. So I have named these little bubblies…“Oh No She Didn’t”! Now you know the rest of the story!
Dimensions: 13″ Height
History of Seltzer Bottles:
Did you know that France is the birthplace to Siphons? Created in 1829, Siphons are also known as seltzer bottles, which is a device for dispensing carbonated or soda water. What began as a water purification system (carbonation kills germs), soon became a way of living to have assessible clean portable water.


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