Timo, Olive Green Leather Netherland Mini Handbag


Timo is authentically handcrafted from the Netherlands, these minis are the bomb! The craftsman who created these Leather jewels was awesome to work with. . He explained in detail how he creates cuts in the hides, each one is uniquely different & imperfections are his specialty. “You see the ragged edges in the Leather I include in the designs”. Leather is not supposed to be perfect, your skin not perfect, right?
I added a picture of us below, such a great artisan to work with!
Timo, Netherland Minis are super versatile, olive green leather with cow cuts, strap is extra-long where you can tie a knot to lengthen or shorten. Fasten with a brass pin.
Dimensions: – 8″ Length x 9″ Height

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