Vintage Fleur Cast Iron Toppers


Purchased in a village outside of Lille, France from a fourth-generation family welding business. The women of the family have been credited to create various household items for their kitchen & garden. Their influence throughout the decades have made the “man shop” a nice stopping place to pick up unique hand-crafted household items.  As told from the shop owner, the inspiration came from…Paris.  The fleur-de-lis detail & rusty chippy patina reminded two sisters of their (pre-war) outings to Paris and the beautiful buildings accented with rod iron balconies.

This topper was used to store potatoes near the stove.

Pointers for Use:
Place on your bathroom counter or dresser to feature some of your favorite jewelry or perfumes. Use for the holiday seasons to decorate with tiny pumpkins, shiny Christmas ornaments, or Easter eggs! Or pay homage to the tradition of use and store potatoes in the kitchen!

Product Information:
16″ Length x 12″ Width

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