Linen is the gold of the textile industry. Luxurious and opulent, the feeling of resting your head on a linen pillowcase or sleeping in linen bed sheets after a long day just can’t be beaten by anything else. But, what makes linen so unique, and why is it so sought after by celebrities and homeowners?

To understand linen, one must get down to the scientific facts and history behind it: linen is made from the fibers of flax plants and is one of the world’s oldest textiles. Ancient Egyptians even used linen for their Pharaohs! Flax is even stronger than cotton and absorbs and releases moisture quickly, allowing linen to be an expert in thermo-regulation (meaning it’s a natural insulator and reacts to the season). The science behind flax’s thermo-regulating superpower is this: it is a hollow fiber, which means it literal breathes; this makes it perfect for getting toasty in the winter and cooling off in the summer.

Now that we got our science lesson out of the way, you’re probably wondering, “Well, okay, but what makes linen such a sought-after textile? Why should I invest in linen?”

Well, let me tell you.
Linen is the world’s most durable natural fabric; it’s stronger than cotton, meaning it lasts longer and can withstand the tests of time. It is naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic, perfect for those with sensitive skin. It is a natural insect repellant and gives UV protection, and is perfect for the summertime because the specific way it is weaved allows for airflow. It is super easy to maintain as well—it can be dry-cleaned, machine washed, or steamed. Withstanding high temperatures, it has only moderate initial shrinkage (while with cotton, you buy a shirt a size up to predict its shrinkage). Not only that, but it also resists dirt and stains!

One bonus fact about linen is that the more it is used, the softer it gets. This makes vintage linen a sought-after product because the feeling you get when you touch it cannot be replicated by man-made means. This allows linen to be an excellent investment! Some cotton bed sheets will last less than 10 years, but linen be sheets can go for 20!

If you are still not convinced, then you have to know about the environmental benefits growing flax has. It is self-pollinating, needs 5 times less fertilizers than standard cotton, and uses the entire flax crop. Nothing is wasted when producing linen!

Well, now you may say: “Okay, I’m hooked. But where can I find the best linen?Europe!
Although flax linen is produced worldwide, the best type of linen is from Europe due to the rich soil and damp natural climate. Plus, since it has been growing there for centuries, countries like Ireland, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands know what they’re handling.

At Borregioso, we source only the best type of linens for our customers. Each piece is inspected to make sure that it is top quality. If we wouldn’t use it, we wouldn’t give it to you. Now that you know the science and history behind linen, it’s time to invest in the gold of textiles!

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