Doesn’t everybody love bread?

Come on, admit it. We all love the smell of freshly baked bread wafting through the kitchen, surrounding the entire house with warmth and coziness. We break bread together, bake it during times of stress, and eat it with almost everything. There are so many different types, with recipes dating thousands of years old. Not only do recipes differ, but techniques on baking do as well.

Now, let’s shine a spotlight on Dough Bowls.
Most dough bowls we see today have a rounded-out center, but originally the dough “bowl” was shaped more like a trough or trench. The term trencher comes from the Old French “tranchier”, which means to cut. In the Middle Ages a “trencher” was a hunk of old bread –stale and hard. It was typically cut into a rough square which food was placed on in lieu of a plate! At the end of the meal the trencher was frequently given as alms to the poor.

The family dough bowl was a critical part of the family food preparation. It was a highly used and treasured kitchen tool. As well it was commonplace for a future husband to carve a wooden dough bowl for his bride as a wedding present. The girls in a family also had a strong desire to have a dough bowl for her hope chest, assuring her future husband that she could adequately bake and cook. A mother’s dough bowl was usually one of the items in an estate that was most sought after and typically left to the oldest daughter.

Although there are easier ways to make bread now, dough bowls are still perfect for the home! They can be used as centerpieces, holding flowers, greenery, fruits, vegetables, and seasonal décor. They are very versatile! As for style, they are very farmhouse-esque, cozy, and warm. They’re the perfect centerpiece for your dinner table!

At Borregioso, we are dedicated in bringing you the most authentic and highest quality of wood Dough Bowls. Our bountiful selection of Dough Bowls allows you to pick different shapes, sizes & colors. Bring a little bit of history into your home!

Vintage White Dough Bowl

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