You’ve seen it on high-fashion runways, in the hands of famous celebrities, in movies, and even at your local supermarket. You’ve seen it probably walking down the street, or used as an accessory in your favorite Netflix show. Now, what could I be possibly talking about? Leather! Fashion meccas around the world are obsessed with leather, and we are too.

However, at Borregioso, we try to source the best type of leather that is long-lasting and hard-wearing. In our research, we found that Italian leather is the best type of leather in the world. More care is put into manufacturing Italian leather than any other leather; the Italians are passionate about their craft. They make sure every bag, shoe, and knickknack is made to absolute perfection — if not, their reputation is on the line.

What makes Italian leather so special, you may ask? One way that Italian leather is so unique from other leather products is the way it is manufactured. Invented in the Tuscan tanneries, the full process of how it is made is a national secret; however, we do know that the tanning process is the absolute most crucial part in manufacture. The cowhide is treated using vegetable tannins and spends about three months in water in complete darkness. Here’s a little chemistry lesson for you: durability is guaranteed because the vegetable tannins build insoluble complexes with the cowhide’s proteins. This tanning process also gives the decadent aroma that is signature to Italian leather. Also, by using vegetable ingredients, the manufacturers of Italian leather make it a natural tanning method.

In Italy, most leather manufacturers use cowhide that comes from the food industry; this means that nothing is wasted. Also, in Italy, laws and regulations force manufacturers to conform to rules that protect the environment; the making of leather in Italy is environmentally friendly with no pollution due to these strict laws. Also, there is a trade-mark on Italian leather, so the traditional knowledge and techniques are protected and kept in Italy. It is a booming business, after all, and they have to defend their craft!

Of course, many hopeful-buyers of Italian leather know that it can make a dent in the pocketbook. And then, with the conception that expensive items must be preserved and kept safe at home, people may not want to use their Italian leather handbags or wear their Italian leather shoes.

They are doing their products a disservice!

Italian leather is made to withstand wear and tear because it is a durable, well-made material. It’s also super easy to clean! You only need to wipe the exterior with a cloth and warm, soapy water and then dry it with a different cloth. You don’t need to soak or rinse leather to clean it!

Of course, with buying authentic Italian leather comes some level of caution – you want to make sure what you are buying is genuine Italian leather, correct?

There are a couple of ways to spot fake leather.

        1. Simply read the label! If it is labeled as “bonded leather,” then it is not true, genuine leather. It can have less than 20% leather in it because it is made of leather offcuts!
        2. Smell it. Italian leather has a distinctive smell, which is another reason why the world loves it so much. If it smells like chemicals or vinyl, then it is fake leather.
        3. Wet it. In only a few minutes, real leather can absorb a water drop.
        4. Touch it. Depending on the quality and type of leather, it can feel coarse or soft as butter! However, if it feels excessively smooth or plastic, it’s a fake.
        5. Inspect it! This is difficult for first-time buyers, but with practice, it will come to you! It the pores of the leather seem too uniform and perfect, it’s fake. Genuine leather comes with its imperfections and has an inconsistent pattern of pores.
        6. If it’s too cheap, it’s probably too good to be true.
        7. Lastly: if it is peeling off, it’s fake. Faux leather peels almost like a sunburn – genuine leather cannot peel!
        1. At Borregioso, we are dedicated in bringing you the highest quality of leather. It is a timeless beauty that never goes out of style.


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